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 Our Christmas 2010 shows were fantastic this year!

The Junior Christmas show was a great evening of different styles of music with some of the bands performing for the first time in public.

One of our newest junior bands featuring Ben, Oliver, George, Henry, Toby and Ioan, performed a track by Green Day. Emily, Jess and Beth played some Kings of Leon. A band naming themselves Cat Killed The Electric Zombies playedThe Killers and Radiohead. The Girlz performed Lady Ga Ga, Oasis (with a cellist ! ) and Kesha and the final act Vodka in a Bottle of Fish, performed REM and Greenday. We are open to different instruments and styles to encourage any types of musicians to join WSRP.The show was full of memorable moments and very convincing performances. Well done to all the junior bands!

Photos from the Junior Christmas Show 2010!



The Senior Christmas shows were both great and very different. We had many regular and new WSRP seniors performing this term.

SHOW 1 opened with the adult bandperforming heavy metal, ska and soul. Jodie, Zak, Oakley and James, (new to the seniors this term) , enjoyed themselves on stage and performed a great set of songs by Paramore, Pendulum and Red Hot Chili Peppers very convincingly. Drums, keyboards and guitars all working well together. The next band calling themselves Memorable played a great set of SOAD, Greenday, Blur and one of their own on the night. They were followed by a Rap and Human beat box combo. We've never had rap before at WSRP and it went down well.

The second half of show 1 started with Contagious, who were our Junior battle of the bands winners, playing really well with a new additon to the line up this term. Toni and Dani continued the set with an acoustic song.They were followed by Christmas regulars We are Santa who performed some of the best guitar solos we've heard at WSRP, they upped their game this term and have proved to be setting a good standard for the senior bands at WSRP. Brad then stepped up for his solo acoustic number. The headliners this term, Dom, Joe, Dan, Dom and Jacob, performed some very tight and great songs on the night. The drumming in particular was accurate, aggressive and impressive as were the vocals and well arranged guitar parts.The show ended with the vocal group singing a Stevie Wonder classic.

SHOW 2 began with Luke and Luke, with the help of the tutors. They played tracks by Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand and seamlessly linked the two songs. The only band to do it on the night. The guitars were accurate and complimented each other really well. They clearly knew it worked well and the singing was great too! Ben, Amos, Jake and Dom worked well this term and pulled themsleves together with a great set of songs. Their original songs stood out and Dom took on the job of lead vocals and performed convincingly with passion. The other guys in the band played a very tight set and continued to impress when they switched instruments. Dom continued with a brave solo acoustic performance.The next band up were Roarge, a combination of Rory and George. They worked very hard this term to produce some convincing Metal. George had a confident swagger as he moved in on the mic and his metal vocals cut through the guitars and came over really well. George can sing and play well and Rory did what he's best at, playing tight metal riffs and solos, with accuracy at the top of the list! It was a great performance.

SHOW 2 began with Zero 2 Hero, playing a cracking set of originals and covers. They clearly are becoming a great band who really think about what they do and want to achieve. Great performances all round. Next up was Dom from That's What She Said, who performed an excellent instrumental guitar solo, it was one of the hairs on the back if the neck moments of the show. We were all impressed with what he achieved, at WSRP. Then That's What She Said , a great band who continue to improve and impress, performed a great set of well chosen covers. Ben and Sam then followed their set with some acoustic numbers. They have mastered some great skills over the term! Well done guys! Sam and Toby performed their acoustic numbers and then Carbonated Zebra, the final act on the night, who continue to impress us at WSRP, took to the stage. They put a surprisingly heavy set together and clearly enjoy themselves and performed to the audience. The confidence they had on stage and the way the played the songs produced a great finale to the show. Thanks to all the bands who have all developed their performance and musical skills. They have yet again proved what a unique place WSRP is and the talent we produce is of a high standard! A big thank you from the WSRP team for all your hard work.


Photos from the Senior Christmas Shows 2010!