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We've had a large number of very talented musicians through our doors over the years. Here's just a few of our students giving you the low-down on WSRP in their own words:


After 5 Senior terms Adam said:

"I believe it is a valuable opportunity for people to play in groups and get to know more people."



After 5 Junior and 4 Senior terms Kate said:

"Its fun and cool!"



After 3 Senior terms Marc said:

"It's a great place to play music in a band and to check out all the other bands. The end of term concerts are amazing, even when you mess up badly when you finally get on stage! Haven't had any major problems apart from having to spend another day at my school [Marc attended CWHS]. All the tutors are very helpful too, which helps..."



After 3 Senior terms Sally said:

"I have been here nearly a year now and it has improved my skills to play in bands and perform. The concerts at the end of the term are always the highlight even if you do muck up. The teachers are really good and are always really helpful towards all the students. Brian is also a really funny guy who is very helpful."



After 3 Senior terms Tom said:

"Great fun! Cool place to practice, meet people and to share your ideas. Since I've come here I've improved playing bass / electric guitar and improved playing as part of a band. If you aren't already here, why not?"



After 3 Senior terms Rich said:

"Rock school is better than I expected it to be. Brian and his crew are really supportive and down-to-earth. It's ok if you don't have a band when you join, and you learn loads about both the technical and creative sides of your intrument."



After 7 years of both Junior and Senior, Hannah said:

"I've been with WSRP for 7 years and its changed and improved so much. It's given me the experience of performing with a band in front of an audience and showed me how cool it can be to be in a band and perform with them. Not only are you in a band but there are lessons in the morning making you more advanced in your area. They've gotta be pretty good or I wouldn't have been here this long!"


Kate B

After 3 Senior terms Kate B said:

"It's a great opportunity to perform in a band and experience a proper concert! It rocks!!"



After 1 term Rob said:

"It's great to get people together and form a band and have a concert at the end of each term."