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The Summer School which runs in July or August is one intense and exciting week of WSRP during the school holidays. We run this for the Junior and Senior sections of WSRP (8-18).

The Junior and Senior sessions are now 2 hours long.

2 hour sessions make it easier for bands to have a individual tutor support.

Students attend Monday to Friday :- Juniors and Seniors 10am - 12pm.

5 day time sessions and a show on the Friday evening in a more intimate venue.

This is a very focused workshop with just one week to master your songs ready for the show. In this respect it's a great experience for any musician. Apart from that it's just a really great fun way to spend one week of the Summer.

Please note that, as with are usual terms, students are expected to bring their own equipment to the Summer School. So bassists, guitarists, drummers and keyboard players need to remember to bring all their bits and pieces with them each Saturday. If Drummers dont have a kit, we provide a limited number of them. Drummers can bring their own breakables if they prefer, so snare cymbals and hi hats.

The Junior Summer School and the Senior both cost £85. For enrolment forms please click here.

If you have any questions please e-mail or call 07807 330329.

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