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WSRP Junior Battle of the Bands review. Spring Term 2010

Pulling the order they were playing from the hat was a good plan that kept all the bands on their toes for the Battle of the Bands!

Photos of the Show and reviews below!


Act 1.
The Chicken Lickin' Pixies of Asia had the difficult task of opening the show with a great performance from Chloe Maybanks on Vocals, definitely the most convincing lead singer performance of the night. Zak's drums came across very well and an accurate guitar solo from James helped them come 2nd on the night. They were very close to winning it.

Act 2.
Scrabble were fun and perhaps chose the wrong song order but both songs were a good example of getting stuck in and working as a team. Chloe Gray performed guitar for the first time and played really well. Oakley sang the second song perfectly and sounded great. Seeing it was Bens first gig playing drums, he did a really good job and kept going.

Act 3.
Whevanessence were the largest junior band this term at 6, which kept growing up to half term. The band enjoyed themselves and performed well. Luke and Maisy, who are new to WSRP, did very well. Luke was very confident on stage for both songs and Maisy sang a very challenging Evanessence track. WSRP will be keeping an eye on her progress next term, plenty of potential to develop there. Sam, Harry, Leannah and Jodie all did really well and were a good band on the night.

Act 4.
The Stoned Leprechauns were my favourite act on the night for having a great name and Callum on guitar and vocals. He fitted in really well with band mates Harry and Joe. Joe Brady incidentally looked and acted very confident and performed very well. Harry knuckled down and worked hard keeping the riffs going. Great work!

Contagious had the classic rock line up: - Vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. They have worked hard this term and look right together. The choice of songs was great with a very relaxed performance. The balance was right with every member having a chance to show off their skills. It was a great surprise for the band when they found out they had won. Dani was over the moon and the others didn't really know what to do. After one term with new member Alex on bass they produced a great sound. Toni did a perfect job on vocals and there was a dramatic difference in her confidence compared to her first term in the juniors. Ross played the keyboards very professionally and Joe played very tight drums for both of the songs they performed. Great winning performance!

WSRP Senior Battle of the Bands 2010 review.

Slashes actual hat held the key to the order of the Senior Battle of the Bands!


Zero 2 Hero were the punchiest, tightest and newest band to the WSRP Seniors, they worked hard all term playing more songs than anyone else, which helped them choose the best 2 to play. They Played "Are you gonna be my girl" and "St Jimmy". It was outstanding what they achieved this term. 2nd place in one term! Their supporters were great and really loud but it all helped them pull off a great performance. One judge commented about no original songs but they will no doubt come up with some next term at WSRP, which will be song writing based. The concert was more about performing and thinking about what to do on stage this term. Well done Zac, Ryan and Joe for all the hard work.

Next Years Past played a tight no nonsense set of 2, an original song and "Anthem Part 2" and did themselves justice by coming 3rd on the night. Jamie drummed really well but a judge said maybe he was a bit too busy. Everything else was great, Sams' riffing and soloing was brilliant and Laura sang and played guitar with confidence. The 2nd song came over much better than the 1st according to another judge. Good work all round. 3rd place too!

The Naked Hulk adapted well not having their original singer around with Dom on Vocals, for dramatic effect they asked a member of the audience , which they had planned in advance, to play guitar on a "Song 2 "and then without assistance played their own song " Straight Player",which was outstanding, it had a great chorus and really catchy. One judge commented, "with the singer absent they still gave it a go, fair play!" Well done guys!

The Masked Wig Men were by far the best performance of the night mainly for entertainment and working from the rock gimmick rule book. The masks in the first song looked freakish but very effective with Luke singing and rapping with attitude on " Bombtrack". The band work really well together and are tight. They worked hard on getting the ideas for their look and choosing the right songs over the term. Ant, on guitar, was a very cool customer and looked confident on stage. Joe, Trent, Matt and Brad kept solid with the others. Brad was great to run into the crowd for the theatrical metal fun of " I believe in a thing called love". They recovered well during bombtrack according to one judge,also they needed a bass player and chose a song they couldn't sing from another judge.

Ladle Urchin were heavy metal icons for a night. Looking the part, they took to the stage and took control with "the beautiful people". Rorys' tight and accurate guitar riffing was great and Rob performed really well on bass. "The Boys Are Back in town" finished their short set and played it fairly well but a few tuning issues with the bass were a bit problematic for one judge and Rory unfortunately chose the wrong amp to use on stage which caused all the band to be on one side of the stage. Elly was great on vocals and put in a good classic metal performance hopefully they will have their full line up back next term!

Ghandi's Lipstick Committee played some good rock and indie, maybe they should have started with "Crying in Lightning" 1st , according to the judges but Joe, Dom B, Dom and Jacob worked well together. "The bartender and the thief" went well, it could've been sung an octave higher but thats a tough one to sing. Dom B on Guitar played a great bit of clean guitar riffage and Joe was relaxed with his singing on the Arctic Monkeys track. Jacob was really tight and also very cool too. Dom on bass, looking like a cooler younger brother of Jarvis Cocker with the aviator shades, played some great bass on the night. A big tick from Jez for that!

A14 played a good set starting with " All these things that you've done" with a note perfect performance by Scarlett on drums. Sophie played her bass which she made herself with confidence and skill. It was very accurate and impressive. The guitar and drums were a bit too loud for the 2nd song. The harmonies were spot on with Sophie noted by one of the judges to have a good voice.

That's What She Said played an impressive set with "Toxicity" and "Killing in the Name" with an edited end chorus to avoid upsetting anyone. Considering Ben only arrived a few minutes before the show looking totally wiped out he didn't falter on the songs he sang for the band and ended up winning the competition with the band. Jack was incredible on the drums, really impressive and he had great composure. Dom M enjoyed the performance and really worked up the crowd for both songs and played some very tight rhythm guitar. Sam was great on lead guitar duty and played the songs with finesse. Alex on bass completed the line up half way through the WSRP term and proved to be the most natural bass player of the night, sticking to the song solidly and focusing on the job. For a band that only started with Ben T, Dom M and Sam this term they got themselves organised and did a professional job, once the drummer and bassist arrived. 1st place, excellent work all round!

To all the bands from Juniors and Seniors:- Everyone involved helped this show to be one of the best we've had and the show of talent we have proves what we have strived to achieve at WSRP. It's the second battle of the bands since WSRP began and it was superb. Thanks to all of you and the tutors for your hard work.

See you in May! Jez