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Summer School 2009
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The Summer School show took place on the 15th August at the Christopher Whitehead High School performing arts studio. The show was a combination of Junior and Senior performances in one show.

The Summer School Show - Saturday 15th 7:00pm.

Here are a few photos from the summer school show and a review below!

Oakley, Chloe, Dani, Harry, Zak.

The only Junior WSRP band playing at the show played Oasis and Green day songs. Oakley sang Some Might Say, Chloe sang Wake Me Up When September Ends and Dani sang Know Your Enemy. Harry (guitar) and Chloe (vocals) are new to WSRP and they both performed confidently. Oakley sang Oasis from memory, which was great work in 5 days . Dani and Oakley both played their solos well in the Green day songs. The auduience loved it too!

Scarlett, Joe G and Sam.

The first senior band on played a mix of metal and punk rock songs with each member showing their excellent musical skills. I cant remember Joe singing much last term but he sang perfectly on the Blink182 and Green Day songs. Enter Sandman, with Dean helping out on vocals, was great. Scarlett played the drums with precision and the song sounded heavy. Joe worked hard on learning the riff and Sam played a great improvised solo over it, which wasnt far off the original solo anyway. Good work all round!

Ollie, Amos and Joe S.

The next band were impressive, each member made a big effort to get 3 songs sounding tight. Amos sang Bohemian Like You better than the origianal and played the guitar accurately. Ollie worked hard to learn the lyrics for Parallell Universe with Sam keeping the song together on Drums. He kept the tempo up and the ending was great. The Foo Fighters song The Pretender went down well and overall the songs were performed very well.

Jamie, Laura and Sam

The Final act paid tribute to the style they enjoy by playing a mix of Blink 182 songs and one of their own. Sam joined Jamie and Laura at the summer school purely because he really likes Blink as well. They worked really well together. They played tight and accurate punk rock, which sounded great.

The Summer School was a success and I am very pleased with the level of progress made by all of the students who attended. See you next term!

The Autumn Term begins on Saturday 26th September!