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Summer Term 2009
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The Junior Show - Sunday 5th 1:30pm.

TANGY JU JU SAUCE: Joe, Harry, Danny, Rhys.

MUTZ NUTZ :Dani, Alfie, Joe, Harry, Oakley ,Jez .

DEAN AND THE DEANETTES: Suzi, Eppi, Dean, Jez..

THE INFERNO ROCK KIDS: Ross, Connor, Chloe, Jodie, Phil, Lee, Dean, Jez.

PUNCHING JUDY: Oakley, Zak, Dom, Arnie, Chris.


WSRP Juniors Summer Show 2009 gig review:

TANGY JU JU SAUCE played a tight performance of Enter Sandman with a good vocal performance from Joe, Danny playing solid drums and nice guitar playing from Harry. It was heavy and a great opener for the show. The band members have shown that they have improved their skills over the term. Well done to them.

With the next act we had a classic example of what can happen at a WSRP.... One member of MUTZ NUTZ couldn't make it on the day, so before the show the Juniors were asked by Jez if anyone knew how to sing What I've Done by Linkin Park. Oakley, one of the rising starts of the juniors said he would give it a go. With a bit of frantic learning a rehearsing backstage the band said they would perform it. The performance was a great group effort and Oakley stayed on to sing How You Remind Me with the band. Dani sang and played really well with Alfie playing effortlessly on lead guitar. With new Junior students Joe and Harry playing really well in their first show. The whole band sounded fantastic.

One of the great moments of the show was when DEAN AND THE DEANETTES took to the stage. They played a Stiff Dylan's song followed by Complicated by Aril Lavigne. The first song was an excellent example of the pool of talent we have at WSRP. Suzi began singing the song with confidence and stage presence. Eppi produced a great bit of musicianship with a fabulous drum fill then coming in on backing vocals perfectly. She sang and played drums very professionally and was intent on playing well. Complicated went well too. The end result was a brilliant performance.

THE INFERNO ROCK KIDS were a great to work with this term. Tutors Phil and Lee helped the band produce a great performance at WSRP. The band were all new to the Juniors and they all worked their socks off to create a laid back vibe to the show playing Valerie, Suddenly I See and Ruby. Ross, Connor, Chloe, and Sophie all worked really hard over the term and showed some great musicianship. Audience members noticed the lovely vocal harmonies and with tight keyboard playing, excellent sax playing the performance worth all the effort.

The final act was PUNCHING JUDY. They played Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day and Blink 182 tracks. It was an excellent all round performance with Dom, Oakley and Arnie playing frantic riffs and good solos. Zaks pounding drums stood out keep the songs together and Chris the tutor helped out on bass. The Junior Show was a good example of what can be achieved at WSRP. Well done to all the staff and Students on the day!

The Monster Senior Show - Sunday 5th 5:30pm.

1st Half

TEAM SUPER FRIENDS: Oli , Jake, Ben , Amos (x 2)
Oli Solo
THE PINK FLAMINGOS: Bradley, Joe, Sam, Liam (x 2)
3 TARDS AND A SINGING PERSON: Toby, Jake Jack, Sam (x 2)
Sam Solo
KOOLYOH: Ollie, Dom, Rhys, Chris (x 2)
Dom Solo

RAINBOW SUICIDE: Pete, Joe, Will, Ant, Lee (x 2/3)
Pete Solo
41 CHILLI PEPPERS: Matt, Joe, Ant, Trent (x 2)

2nd Half

A14: Scarlett, Sophie, Ollie, Chris (x 3)
Scarlett Solo
Anna, Gemma, Phil, Lee, Dean (x 2)
Anna Solo
Gemma Solo
EXUBERANT BANANA DEATH: Ethan, Rob, Rory, Dean, Jezz (x 2)
Rob Solo
IMPROV: James, Russ, Rob, Joe, Lee(x 3)
James Solos:
Jamie, Laura and

This was my (Jez's) first show in charge of WSRP. Jez and the other staff helped with creating a great atmosphere and all the bands had a great time backstage and performing on the night. The Autumn Term begins on Saturday 26th September! See you all there next term!