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Christmas 2009 Show Review
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Christmas 13/12/09 Junior Show Review

Junior Bands Review.

Inferno performed some great indie rock and the first performances by two new WSRP members went really well. The singing and playing were great! Thanks for tutors Phil, Lee and Dean for their help.

Rock School Rebels played some great pop rock and classic rock with Avril Lavigne and Guns 'n' Roses both performed and played with confidence. They had a great response from the audience.

Green Shadows fought off a few last minute hitches and performed really well with a bit of Green Day and some Last Shadow Puppets.... Wonder where they got their name from?

Another baffling band name with Bells Hells playing a classic ACDC track and sounding tight and professional.

The Pink Penguins From Jamica performed some loud Punk and Rock with Foo Fighters, Panic at the Disco and Green Day Tracks. Well Done!

A great Junior Show! Well done to all involved and thanks for everyone who came along too!


The show opens with "I Love Rock and Roll" with Adult members of WSRP showing their professionalism with the assistance of Rhys and Lee. Hopefully this will be a regular thing in future shows.

The next band called Ghandi's Lipstick Committee played some Arctic Monkeys and Muse to showing their skills, with some great singing and musical skills. Two new members of WSRP performed for the first time.

Learning Support Centre are on next with some pop rock, including Hard Fi, played tightly with a good overall performance. Great Drums!

Tangy Tom and The Killer Freddos play some more contemporary rock with techno assistance on keyboards with a bit of Enter Shikari followed by some S.O.A.D.

With a bit of help from Jez on bass the next band called 000000EEEEAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH! Played some Muse, Foo Fighters and Pink Floyd, all tight and a good group performance.

We are Santa play some great songs including a great group effort Andrew WK. They made good use of costume using Santa hats and moving around on stage. A good example of the kind of thing to do at next terms Battle of The Bands.

Domz Mum played really well on the night with some great performances of Breaking Benjamin and Red Hot Chili Peppers with a really great audience reaction!

Next Years Past performed a great set of Punk Rock with a good show of WSRP diverse talent. They are a band who go for it and really enjoy themselves.

A14 perform a good set of Songs from Paramore, Metallica and the Killers. Good work all round.

Gemma from the Adults performs a convincing performance with a Garbage track that sounds great! Well Done Gem!

Harry, Ollie and Jake perform some good funky rock and indie and show some matured musicianship. They work really quickly and made good use of their time at WSRP last term.

The final act called Black Lettuce.......( can't remember the rest of their spontaneous name) played some great metal tracks from Breaking Benjamin to Metallica with a good solid sound. Elly from the adults performed on vocals, setting an example to other singers at WSRP how to rock!

The Finale was a festive all in number, doing Slades' "Merry Christmas Everybody".

All the staff and students enjoyed the show and thanks for everyone who attended the show!#

See You Next Term! 16/01/10