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The Summer 2008 Show happened in two parts on Sunday 13th July at Bishop Perowne High School Theatre and both shows were great! We had 28 different acts in total across both shows and what a cracking event it was.

To view all the photos of the concert in detail click here, but in the meantime here's a slideshow of photos from the concert:

The Junior Show

The Junior Show began at 2:30pm with The New 21st Century - aka - Robyn, Nick, Joe, Will (Y), Luke and a guest singer who is also called Will. They did 'Mr Brightside' by The Killers and 'When I Come Around' by Green Day.

Next up were Songs at Random - a new band comprising Dani, Zak, Toby, Alfie and Jack and Sue was the guest singer. They performed a Pigeon Detectives track and a great version of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.

For the first time this term we had an all girl band in the Juniors called Ich Bin Ein Hummer (I Am A Lobster) made up of Katie, Susie, Jade and Eppi with Dean providing some backup on guitar. They performed Sk8tr Boi by Avril Lavigne and did a great job of it.

The Standing Turkeys - Trent, Matt, Dominic and Bradley took to the stage next with Phil guesting on drums and backing vocals. They performed 'Smoking Outside the Hostpital Doors' by The Editors. They did a great job!

We had some heavy metal next called The Checquered Pixies of Krakatoa - otherwise known as Dom, Tao, Jack and Harry with Rhys guesting on drums. They performed an original instrumental piece in drop tuning with an epic face-melting guitar solo at the end by Dom.

The Nameless - Sam (K), Sam (P), Charlie and Arnold gave us some classic rock in the shape of 'Sweet Child of Mine' by Guns'n'Roses. They followed this with another classic 'Teenage Kicks' by the Undertones. Great stuff.

The final band of the Junior show were called Diamond Marmalade Snog (Pearl Jam Kiss - get it?!) made up of Tom, Nat, Ant, Dom and Ben with Jamie & Lee guesting on drums and Jez on bass. They performed a Kiss number and then 'Even Flow' by Pearl Jam. Tom's voice was awesome! As were the wailing guitar solos coming from everyone on stage. Sadly this was Nat's last term with us as he's off back home to America - we wish him the best of luck!


The Senior Show - 1st half

The Senior show began at 5:30pm with Amos, Jake (P), Ollie and Joe performing 'Sugar We're Going Down' by Fallout Boy. This was a great way to begin the show and was the first senior gig for these guys.

Things got a bit heavier when Gabriel, Henry, Alex & Adam took to the stage with Song 2 by Blur and a fantastic track by CKY.

Jake performed 'All I Got' by Newton Faulkner which began our acoustic performances for the evening. Excellent stuff.

Chris accompanied Christine next with an excellent acoustic number. This was followed by Christine doing a solo piece she'd written herself. She has a great voice and her song was well written.

Callum, Gaz and Christine played as a band next with Dean helping out with guitar on one of the tracks. They performed 'Prayer of the Refugee' by Rise Against, 'I'm A Riot You're A Riot' by The Black Out and 'Grand Unification part 1' by Fightstar. Great stuff.

Jake accompanied Will next on 'Stranger Things Have Happened' by the Foo Fighters which was very well received. Will's voice is just getting better and better.

Jack, Dan, Ed and Will played together next and properly rocked the place.

Chris performed a piece on his own next which was fab.

Luke, Ben, Joel, Joe and Chris all performed together next as a headline for the first half of the show and they did a cracking set. These guys are a really tight unit now. Sadly this was their last full term together at WSRP so you'll probably have to catch them on tour somewhere in the future!


The Senior Show - 2nd half

Miriam and James kicked off the second half with Jez helping them out on bass. This was a great way to start with two classic rock number from Led Zep and AC/DC. James' playing and singing was high quality and Miriam was excellent on the drums too. This was a really good little set.

Miriam performed a drum solo next which was very well received.

Next up Ed accompanied Will for his second solo piece.

Sophie, Hayley, Josie & Ethan were on next with a few great numbers including 'Teenage Dirtbag' by Wheatus. Sophie, Hayley and Ethan all sang as well as playing their instruments too. This is a versatile band! This was Josie's last time with WSRP as she's moving away to sunny Shropshire - good luck with everything Josie!

James performed a solo piece next by R.E.M. which was excellent. Great job James!

Paris, Robert and Simon were on next with some more classics. 'Comfortably Numb' by Pink Floyd was their first track which featured some real virtuoso playing by Paris. Their rendition of 'Wipeout' by the Surfaris got a little bit lost along the way but was certainly played with plenty of energy.

Harry performed 'Iris' by the Goo Goo Dolls next which was really superb. Nice one Harry!

Ben (B), Jack, Ben (D) and Jamie performed an Avenged Sevenfold track next with Jack singing - this was high octane stuff!

...and now for our headline act of the evening: Ollie, Jake and Harry performed 'Helen' by Nizlopi, 'Two Doors Down' by the Mystery Jets and 'Ain't No Restr For The Wicked' by Cage The Elephant. These guys can all sing really well and are great musicians. They finished off their set with 'Kill the Director' by the Wombats which meant Jake had to get behing a drum kit and Ollie and Harry had to switch guitars. These guys are really talented and put on a great show for everyone. Nice one!

Until next time! Our August Summer School is our next event with a concert on Friday 15th at Bishop Perowne High School. Tickets will be available from Music City on The Tything and The Guitar Shop on Friar Street.