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The Christmas 2008 shows took place over the weekend of the 13th & 14th December at Bishop Perowne High School theatre. The Junior show took place on Saturday 13th and 2 completely different Senior shows took place on Sunday 14th.

To view all the photos of the concert in detail click here, but in the meantime here's a slideshow of photos from the concert:


The Junior Show - Saturday 13th 5:30pm

The Junior show began with a brilliant cover of Hocus Pocus by Focus. Sam, Jacob, Harry, Jack, Toby did a brilliant job of this guitar classic. This was a fantastic way to start the show.

Next up were Luke, Anothony, Trent, Matt and Estee with a cover of Night Train by Guns'n'Roses. This is a great track and they did it really well, but I don't think anyone was really expecting Anthony's blistering guitar solos! The one at the end was pretty epic.

Oakley, Joe, Sam, Liam and Zak were the final band of the first half and they did a cracking job on covers of Holiday by Green Day and Tribute by Tenacious D. Zak's drumming was just awesome, the dual vocals of Oakley & Joe were a particular highlight on Tribute and Sam and Liam kept things rocking in the guitar department. A great performance.

The second half of the show began with 'Dean & the Deanettes'. Contrary to their name this is the first all-girl band we've ever had in the Juniors but their tutor is Dean. Sadly they were one down by the time of the performance as one of their guitarists was ill (get well soon Katie!), but they still did a great version of Complicated by Avril Lavigne. Jade's singing was excellent and Eppi's ability to drum and sing at the same time is great! Fab stuff.

Dani, Anthony, Alfie, Sean and Joe took to the stage next with covers of Rooftop by Lost Prophets and Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. This band was newly put together this term and they did a great job.

Finishing the show were Sam, Charlie, Arnold and Sam with their versions of Beat It by Michael Jackson and Teenage Kicks by The Undertones. These guys did a fantastic job and the crowd loved them. A great way to end the show.


The Senior Show - Sunday 14th 1pm.

Our only Adult band this term started proceedings at this show. Anna (M), Anna (D) and Howard with a little help from Phil, Jez and Brian did 4 numbers. They performed covers of Golden Brown by the Stranglers, Trouble by Coldplay, Because the Night by Patti Smith and Rock'n'Roll by Led Zeppelin. This was a really nice set and all the tracks complimented eachother nicely. The audience were suitably appreciative!

Next up were Bradley, Dom, Will and Gaz with covers of 'Enter Sandman' by Metallica and 'Walk' by Pantera. These guys put in an excellent performance. Bradley's newly found ability to sing and play at the same time was a revelation and all of them played really well. Nice one guys!

Jake, Amos, Ollie and Ben were next on the stage with covers of After Hours by We Are Scientists and Pork & Beans by Weezer. Ollie has been playing guitar for quite a while now but has only started singing this term - you would think he has been singing for ages though! Great stuff. The whole band played really well and the audience really appreciated their performance - especially their cool jumps!

Ollie returned to the stage to sing Machines by Biffy Clyro accompanied by Chris on the guitar. Again, it's really hard to believe Ollie's only been singing for one term. Lots of promise there.

Tao, Jack, Dom and Ben (O) with special guest vocalist Ben (D) and with Lee on drums were next up with a bit of metal in the shape of We Are Godzilla by Lost Prophets!!! This tune was pretty darn heavy with Ben doing an excellent job on metal vocals and Lee typically awesome on drums. Great job guys!

Ending this show were Scarlett, Sophie, Ollie and special guests Dean and Chris. They kicked off with Teenagers by My Chemical Romance with Dean on vocals. This is a fun number and they got the crowd clapping along - great stuff. Their next number was 'Crush' by Paramore with Sophie on guitar and vocals and Scarlett doing backing vocals (while also drumming!) while Ollie took the lead guitar parts and we mustn't forget Chris on bass. This was a great performance and the perfect way to end the first Senior show. Nice one everyone!


The Senior Show - Sunday 14th 5:30pm.

The second Senior show began with Jamie and Laura, helped out by Chris, Dean, Jez and Hannah. They performed Dammit by Blink 182 and No-one Knows by Queens of the Stone Age. This was an all-round excellent performance and was the perfect way to start the show. Jamie's drumming was superb and Laura was flawless on guitar.

Next up were Rory, Robert, Stephen and Ethan with covers of Whiskey in the Jar by Thin Lizzy and Pinball Wizard by The Who. This band were great and their choice of material was great too. Pinball Wizard was the highlight of this set and really showed what they're capable of. Great stuff.

Ending the first half of the show were Nathan, Ben (T), Gareth and Ben (D) with special guest singer Stephen (who was in the previous band too). Their version of Gay Bar by Electric Six with Stephen singing was excellent. Stephen had about 2 hours notice that he would be singing it and then I (Brian) censored it a bit resulting in their new line 'I've got something in my shoe' which was absolutely hilarious live. They also performed Palahniuk Laughter by Fightstar with Nathan on vocals and guitar. Fantastic job.

The second half of the show began with some mellow acoustic performances. The first of these was James who sang Volcano by Damien Rice and In My Arms by Teddy Thompson. James has a really excellent voice and he didn't disappoint with his performance.

After James came Stephen with his 3rd performance of the evening! Stephen performed 'Wish You Were Here' and 'Brain Damage' by Pink Floyd. Both songs were played very well on the guitar and the vocals were performed with real feeling. Nice one Stephen!

James (M), Joe, Russell and James (S) were on next with their band ADBC! In case you couldn't guess why they were called that Russell was sporting a rather excellent schoolboy outfit with that specific item - shorts! Of course they did some AC/DC covers which were, 'Long Way to the Top' and 'Highway to Hell'. They did a superb job of both tunes and the fun they were having on stage was contagious.

The final act of the final show was Gabriel, Alex, Adam and Joe. These guys have worked really hard this term (in-between messing about) and are really showing promise. They performed two covers with great energy and style! Their first song was 'Wings of a Butterfly' by HIM and their second one was 'They Say' by Scars on Broadway. Nice one lads!

Well that's all for this term - the Spring Term 2009 begins on January 17th!