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The show happened on Friday 15th August at 7pm in Bishop Perowne High School Theatre.

Here is a slideshow showing some extreme close-ups of some of the performers and some of them in action during the gig.

First up were the Junior band: Zack, Liam, Sam, Joe, Dom, Oakley and with Brian (WSRP) backing them up on bass. They did a great rendition of 'Smile Like You Mean It' by The Killers. Joe sang and played brilliantly, Zack was awesome on drums and the guys nailed their guitar parts with great solos by Sam and Dom too. All in all a great way to start the show.

The next band were a trio comprising George on guitar, Rob on vocals and guitar and Jamie on drums. These guys worked really hard all week and it showed in their performance. They'd written an intro piece of their own that showed off their instrumental skills and then they took off into 'All the Small Things' by Blink 182 and a couple of other songs including a Ramones track. This was a great way to kick off the Senior part of the show.

Nathan (guitar), Ben (vocals) and Dan (drums) took to the stage next with their version of 'I'm Not OK' by My Chemical Romance. Although this band did only one song all the guys performed in other bands too (see below) and they delivered this track in high energy style!

James (vocals & guitar), James (drums), Luke (guitar) and Mattia (bass) were on next playing 'Highway to Hell' by AC/DC and 'Holiday' by Green Day. Ben was guest singer on 'Holiday'. Both songs were performed really well with great playing from everyone. An impressive performance.

Shane (vocals & guitar), Ben (vocals & guitar) and Zaque (drums) were the next band with three numbers including 'Basket Case' by Green Day and a song by Kiss. Shane appeared almost cursed during their first track as his guitar lead came out twice, his strap fell off and his mic drooped down a bit too! But committed performer he is and with a little help from the stage-hand he got through the song remarkably well and the audience admired him all the more for it. These guys all played brilliantly and the set was extremely well received.

To finish the show Chris (guitar, vocals, drums), Sam (bass) and Joe (guitar & vocals) took to the stage with guest performers Nathan (guitar), Dan (drums) and James (vocals). The original trio began with an acoustic song by Queens of the Stone Age and this was excellent. They then performed three other tracks including one by Rage Against the Machine. It's almost impossible to single out the highlights but James' singing was fantastic, Nathan's guitar playing excellent, Sam's bassing, bongoing and backing vocals were spot-on, Joe's playing and singing were great too, Chris was good at everything (as usual) and Dan did a rock solid job on drums. What a great way to finish the show and the audience were suitably appreciative. Great stuff.

Until next time...