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Summer Show 2007
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The Summer Show happened on Sunday 8th July at Bishop Perowne High School Theatre. Owing to a larger than normal number of students at WSRP and a significantly increased audience we decided it would be wise to split our normally humungous show into two.

The first show began at 4pm where the Juniors (8-13) and Adults (18-118) performed their sets. The second show began at 6:30pm where the Seniors (13-18) performed their material.

To view all the photos of the concert in detail click here, but in the meantime here's a slideshow of photos from the concert:

Show 1: Juniors (8-13) and Adults (18-118)

The show was opened up in style by an entirely new Junior band made up of Gabriel, Henry, Harry, Tao, Alex, Jack and Adam. They launched into 'Vultures' by The Offspring and followed this with the classic 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana. These guys were born to rock! You really wouldn't have guessed it was their first gig. Great work guys.

Next up was a band of WSRP veterans; James, Ant, Russ, Harry, Hannah and Joe. They expertly performed 'Sweet Child 'O' Mine' by Guns'n'Roses and followed this with 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zeppelin. Tom from one of the other Junior bands was the guest vocalist on this track. Both songs were performed really well - excellent stuff!

Third to the stage were Jack, Ben, Dom, Tom (who did the Led Zep number), Joe and Dan. These guys did two classic AC/DC numbers inlcuding 'Back in Black'. It's great to see classic rock performed by such young bands. Cool.

'America' by Razorlight was the next song performed by Harry, Nick, Will, Bethany, Evie, Robyn & Joe. This was flawlessly executed and Harry was typically immense on vocals. After this they performed a song from 'Grease' (yes, the musical). It was *Amazing* - the audience loved it. For this track Robyn moved from her drum kit up to the mic and performed the duet with Harry. Bethany and Evie provided great backing vocals while Nick, Will and Joe kept it together on guitars. Super.

Ending the Junior set were Will, Dom, Ed, Ben, Joe and James who performed 'Blurry' by Puddle of Mud and 'How You Remind Me' by Nickelback. These guys are becoming a really tight unit as their performance clearly demonstrated. Great stuff.

Ironically the first performance by the Adults (18-118) included one of the Seniors (13-18). A mother and son duo performed a track with Adam on drums and Tracy on guitar and vocals. This was a great way to start the second part of the show.

Tracy's full band were up next adding Mick, John and Andy. Talk about a versatile band! By the end of the concert Mick had played drums and harmonica (after doing guitar last term); Andy played bass and guitar; John sang and played guitar, bass and mandolin; and Tracy sings, plays guitar and keyboard. Together they performed one of Tracy's songs, two covers and an REM cover with Anna guesting on vocals. Great stuff.

Steve sang a song next with Tracy and Adam providing the accompaniment. Steve is a drummer but now he's a singer too with a great voice. Hopefully we'll be hearing more of this in the future.

Anna performed 'True Colours' by Cyndi Lauper next to a backing CD and did a great job. Performing solo like that takes great courage and Anna really pulled it off.

Mick & John did a blues tune next with Mick on harmonica and John on slide guitar and vocals. It's really refreshing to hear this kind of music at our concerts.

This show ended with Anna (M), Mark, Nick and Steve performing a set of tunes including The Killers and U2. Anna (D) guested on one of their songs too which went down very well.

So the first show was a really mixed bag of brilliant performances. The staff were all really pleased with how it all went but, more importantly, so were the audience.

Show 2: The Seniors (13-18)

The senior show kicked off with Adam, James, Leonard and Giorgio performing a mixture of covers and original material. This band are a really close-knit unit now and cleary have fun when they're performing which the audience love to see. Excellent.

Ollie, Jake, Dan, Tom, Ben & Harry performed next with a couple of covers. This band suffered with a lot of absences this term and fell really behind but with some last minute extra practising they managed to get their performance together just in the nick of time. The audience certainly enjoyed their choice of material.

Ollie & Jake performed two acoustic numbers next and were excellent. There seemed to be a lot of girls screaming at one point...

It's a tradition at WSRP that we always at least one all-girl band. Em, Hannah, Josie and Hayley have been that band for quite a while now and are going from strength to strength through each term. Because they don't have a drummer at the moment (but things are looking good for next term) we have to make one of our drum helpers an honourary girl - usually Lee - but this time it was Jack's turn. This was the best performance the girls have ever done. They did three covers including 'Girlfriend' by Avril Lavigne and 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol. Hannah's singing and moves were great but the whole band really put a lot of energy into the performances. Great stuff.

Luke, Charlie, Ben, Will and Oscar performed next with two covers including the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' version of 'Fire'. They began their set with a zany little version of 'Crazy Frog' (aka Axel F) - a tune I know only too well. This was a fun set and the boys played well.

Emily and Connor performed an acoustic number next which was great. Em sang it really nicely and Connor played sensitively as always.

The first half of the show was finished with Chris, Mac, Shane and Gaz who performed Motorhead's 'Ace of Spades' and Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'. Both tunes were played really well despite one of my cables failing (sorry guys!) near the start of Enter Sandman. Despite this technical hickup they played the rest of the song brilliantly. Nice one guys.

The second half began with Kevin, Tom, Ben, Dan and Mitchell treating us to some classic rock in the shape of Guns'n'Roses' 'Welcome to the Jungle'. They played really well through their set including 'Doctor Doctor' and Deep Purple's 'Highway Star'. Excellent stuff performed with real rock spirit and some great stage moves.

Kate, Callum, Nathan, Ryan, Christine and Lee took to the stage next with an Oasis number and 'Time is Running Out' by Muse. Despite another technical hitch in the shape of a failed cable (this time for Christine) they played really well. The Muse track in particular was excellent. Well done!

Connor performed two acoustic numbers next, the second one with assistance from Nathan. This was the best we've seen from Connor who's improved term after term.

Connor was on stage again this time with Paris on guitar and Simon on drums. They started off with a really complex Queens of the Stone Age song (I've forgotten the name!) which was impressive. All the staff mentioned that one after the show - really cool. The second track was a really nice change of pace with Hendrix's 'Little Wing'. Brilliant stuff guys.

Kevin & Tom performed 'I used to love her...' next - a comedy moment for the show, but well played and performed with real feeling.

Alex, Sam, James and Lee performed some cool detuned metal next. They started off with a Gojira track and moved onto more complex territory with a Lamb of God number. It takes a lot of skill to play those numbers and they nailed both of them which is a credit to their ability.

Finishing the show, as they did last term, was the band When Darkness Falls. These guys write their own material and are a really tight unit. They performed three of their own tracks and it's a testament to their writing ability that they took the audience with them from the start. Fantastic stuff guys! A great way to finish the show.

Well that ends my short review. I hope I haven't missed anything or anyone out!