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The end of term show for Spring 2007 was called 'The Easter Bash' and took place on Saturday 24th March at the Swan Theatre in Worcester. This term we had 4 Junior bands (8-13 yrs), 3 Adult bands (18-118 yrs) and 11 Senior bands (13-18 yrs) performing on the stage and the show was completely sold out. All 350 seats were filled.

View some random (ie, not very good) photos of the event here.

The Junior Bands...

The show began with Tom, Will, Jack, Dom, Ben and Dan performing 'Original Prankster' by The Offspring. It's a really lively number and these guys really nailed it. It was a really up-beat way to start the show.

They were followed by Dom, Will, Nat, Ed, Ben and James who performed 'Monster' by The Automatic and 'Dani California' by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Another great performance here.

The third Junior band were formed around a young drummer called Robyn who arrived late in the term. The others in the band were Harry, Will and Nick and together they performed Green Day's 'When I Come Around' brilliantly. Harry's energy as lead vocalist sent the audience into a frenzy!

The final Junior band to perform had no less than two drummers and was made up of Harry and Hannah (brother and sister), Anthony and Russell (brothers) and James and Joe (totally unrelated). They played 'L'il Devil' by The Cult and 'Paranoid' by Black Sabbath and they did a great job.

I should mention that we had a mysterious floating bass player called Joe who played in each of these bands. He drifted on and off the stage in an almost ghostly fashion playing all the songs with ease! - well done Joe!

The Adult bands...

The first of the Adult bands on stage was made up of Anna, Stuart, Fernando, Pete and Gary. For some of this band it was their second term together and they did a great job. 'Sweet Home Alabama' went down particularly well.

Next up was Steve, Anna, Nick and Jez (bass tutor). The crowd went nuts for this band with their set containing a brilliant Pixies number. I think I spotted them later on signing autographs...

Tracy, John, Andy, MIck and John followed this with 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' and an original number written by Tracy. These guys have had the same line-up for two terms now and have become a really strong unit in my view.

Acoustic Number...

During this Spring term a lively and talented young lady from Bromyard called Tammy sadly passed away. Her father, John, and brother, Kevin, both attend WSRP and wanted to perform a song in her memory. So with John singing and strumming, and Kevin playing lead guitar on an acoustic they performed a beautiful Waterboys song as a tribute. All the students and staff at WSRP and I'm sure the whole audience at The Swan Theatre that night all felt really touched by this performance and we wish the Holmes family all the best moving into the future.

The first Senior band...

Adam, Nick, Leonard, James and Georgio have been making a name for themselves at WSRP for all the right reasons (as well as a few wrong ones...). They have been mega creative and have been performing all original material lately to a high standard. They did a great job.

The first half finale...

As a finale to the first half all the singers under Hannah's guidance performed an ensemble version of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen. With so much potential to go wrong (!) this actually turned out *really* well and the audience loved it! The singers really went for it and the heavy metal moment was fantastic! Top marks to Jake for drumming while singing and for Tom who absolutely rocked on guitar too.

The second half...

...started with a real bang! Billy, Sam, Dan and Jack put in a high energy punked-up performance moving swiftly between songs. A bunch of supporters of this band had travelled from Banbury they were sooo loud! The feeling was contagious and the band started the second half in great style.

Next up were Hannah, Em, Josie, Hayley and Lee (drum tutor). These girls (we'll not mention Lee at this point) have improved massively over the last couple of terms and put in a really confident performance. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they can do next term now!

Dan, Will, Ollie, Tom and Jake performed next with what can only be called a hastily rehearsed number! ...but to be fair to them they did perform it well. Jake and Ollie's switcheroo as drummers / singers went down particularly well.

Kate, Hannah, Tom, Ryan and Ben performed Bloc Party's 'Helicopter' next. This is one tight number where keeping it together is critical, and they nailed it. Brilliant stuff!

Kevin and Ollie performed Tenacious D's 'Tribute' to mark the mid-way point of the second half. Ollie performed as much with his body language as he did with his voice in a really convincing cover of this hilarious tune. The audience loved it. Kevin's guitar playing and backing vocals were cracking too.

Tom, Shane and Jack expertly played their way through their set next, including a great Kiss number. Anyone who knows Shane knows that Kiss really has to be part of the set for any band he's in. Some great lead guitar tone here from Tom.

Gaz, Dan and Hannah played a high octane set next with their band Proletariat. This three-piece have been together for many terms now and delivered a well received performance. Click here to see part of their performance.

Connor, Nathan, Tom and guest drummer Jake were the next to take to the stage. Their Foo Fighters cover went down particularly well. Connor seems to be acquiring more confidence as a vocalist each term - great stuff!

Mitchell, Kevin, Ben and the other Ben played some rock classics next. 'Paradise City' by Guns'n'Roses and 'Whiskey in the Jar' - the Thin Lizzy version - both hit the spot for the vast majority of the audience. Some guest headbangers appeared on stage half way through the set causing the crowd to forget themselves... again.

Very heavy metal happened next. Alex, Ollie and Lee (tutor) tuned right down and absolutely battered the audience into submission. They performed an original instrumental number which had some seriously technical playing going on. Anyone who appreciates technical / prog metal (like me) couldn't have failed to be impressed. It was a great number. Good work chaps!

James, Ben and Lewis only joined at the start of this term but we gave them the opportunity to finish the show because they're great. They performed one 10-minute epic rock number that they'd written themselves. The creativity, dynamics and level of playing evident in that track showed real musical talent. The guys held the audience in their hands right until the end. Fantastic work and a great way to finish the whole show.

A final note...

Please be aware that I wrote this report in one sitting and had to remember everything! If you feel I've missed something out or spelled something wrong please let me know! Thanks to all who performed in the show - without you what would I write?

Brian. 04/04/07.