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Autumn 2007 Show: The Xmas Cracker
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The Autumn 2007 Show happened in two parts on Sunday 9th December at Bishop Perowne High School Theatre and both shows were great! We had 30 different acts in total across both shows and what a cracking event it was.

To view all the photos of the concert in detail click here, but in the meantime here's a slideshow of photos from the concert:



The first show was for the Juniors (8-13 age group) and Adults (18-118 age group) and took place on the Sunday afternoon.

SPAM! kicked things off with an excellent cover of 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol. This whole band were new to WSRP this term but did a brilliant job working together really well. Trent was a star on guitar and vocals and Sam improved on drums so much during the term it was amazing. The guitarists all held things together in very professional style too.

De-Fused were next up with System of a Down's 'Aerials' and a Bowling for Soup song. Although a couple of the guys had been to WSRP before this was a new band this term with a new tutor too! The band really rose to the occasion and delivered their best performance yet of their material. It was great to see the guys singing this term too.

Riot Kids took to the stage next with an excellent cover of the Kaiser Chief's 'Ruby'. This band was the largest Junior band and also the youngest (average age) but this didn't stop them from totally rocking the theatre. Great stuff with many in the band performing on stage for the first time. Thanks to Will for being guest vocalist on this one!

A much more experienced and older band came next who decided to call themselves the Wingawangawongers. They performed a Foo Fighters tune and a tune they'd composed themselves (with a little help from Lee). Oscar from the Seniors drummed for this band too. Both tunes went down really well with the guys putting in a really powerful performance. Excellent stuff. Jack and Will remained on the stage at the end for an acoustic number by Stonesour.

The fifth Junior band decided to call themselves May Is The Odd One Out. There is a really convoluted reason why they chose that name which would take too long to explain here! They performed a Green Day song and another track by Fallout Boy. Both were performed with great energy and some really excellent individual displays of talent. Great stuff.

The final Junior band were called SNOG - this is because they were doing a cover of a KISS song... This was a brilliant way to end the Junior part of the show. The guys excelled themselves with an amazing three-part guitar harmony section which would be the envy of many bands much older than them! The singing was great on this track too.

After the interval the adult bands took to the stage...

John, Anna (D) and Mick performed 'Badge' by Cream, a Rolling Stones number and a blues improvisation. I (Brian) was guest guitarist on the Cream number and Phil (drum tutor) played drums for the other two numbers. All three tracks were well received by the audience.

Anna (D) performed a solo next to a Cyndi Lauper backing track which was really nicely done.

Anna (M) performed a solo number next providing her own accompaniment on the guitar. Great stuff!

Steve took to the stage next with Sue (vocal tutor) accompanying on keyboard. This was a great track by Elbow and went down really well.

Anna (M), Steve and Nick performed as a band next with some great up-tempo numbers. This is the second time this three-piece have performed together a WSRP and they seem to be a really natural unit. A fantastic way to end this first show.


The Senior (13-18 age group) show was our big Sunday evening event and much longer than the earlier show. Playing to a full house the following bands set to work...

Katie, Shane, Tom and Gaz kicked off proceedings with a great set of covers expertly performed.

A band of ex-Juniors comprising Gabrial, Alex, Adam and Henry were up next with a really committed performance of a couple of tunes including a Nirvana song. Nice one chaps!

Tom (R) performed a solo acoustic number next by Creed. Playing and singing at the same time is difficult but Tom's definitely got the hang of it! A great performance.

James, Harry and Hannah performed next ably assisted by Jez (bass tutor) and Dean (guitar tutor). This is another ex-Junior band who've definitely risen to the occasion with a great performance of AC/DC's Back in Black. They also performed an instrumental version of Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Great stuff!

Katie and Chris performed an acoustic number next with Chris on guitar and Katie singing. This was a really nicely done K T Tunstall song.

Ben, Tommy, Lucinda and Damien performed next with Chris (see above) guesting on drums. This band struggled to get things together this term and the song didn't go entirely to plan on the stage! They'd all worked really hard on this in the final few weeks but, as they say, the best laid plans... Still, we at WSRP know that all of these students are highly talented so come and see them again next time and they'll be great!

Kate performed 'Ironic' by Alanis Morisette with Dan accompanying on keyboard next. This was a very well rehearsed performance.

Kevin and Tom performed an acoustic duo next with Tom on guitar and Kevin singing and playing. Great classic rock vibes from these guys.

Simon, Paris and Connor performed next as 'Shaman Juice'! Jez guested on bass... They did a Hendrix cover which went down really well and allowed Paris to show off lots (cool soloage there). Before that they did a Queens of the Stone Age number - something we've come to expect from this trio. A very nice set here.

Lucinda sang a song next with Ollie on guitar. Although I can't remember the name of the song Lucinda sang it really well and has a lovely voice.

Sam, Aaron, Tom and James gave the crowd some serious heavy metal next. They performed a song of their own and an As I Lay Dying number. High speed precision playing is what these guys are about. Impressive!

Finishing the first half of the Senior show was 'When Darkness Falls'. This band write all their own material and to a very high standard. Dynamics is the key word - these guys know how to add colour and texture to their material. We like WDF. Visit them on myspace...

After the interval we greeted by Kate, Callum, Nathan, Christine and Tom who guested on drums (thanks Tom!). They performed their two tunes really well but my particular favourite was the Billy Talent song 'Fallen Leaves'. This was, sadly, Kate's final performance with WSRP having been with us since she was a tiny person! Good luck Kate in your future! We'll miss you...

Luke sang next with Joe accompanying on guitar. This was a new experience for Luke but both he and Joe performed really well and the audience certainly enjoyed it.

It's a tradition that we have at least one all girl band at WSRP and this term was no exception. Hannah, Josie, Hayley have performed together before and this term were joined by Miriam on drums. They did a brilliant set and it's definitely the best they've ever played, in no small part is this due to the addition of a quite brilliant drummer to their band. Great stuff.

Christine performed a solo number next playing guitar and singing. This was a song she'd written herself and it was quite a revelation! At WSRP we've known Christine as a bassist but she has a stunning voice and it was great to hear her song. Let's hear some more next term!

Oscar and Will opted to be an acoustic duo for the whole of this term instead of joining a band. Their set was excellent. These two boys work really well together and Oscar's voice is great! Fantastic stuff and the crowd loved it.

Jake, Ollie and Harry were next up with a really tight, up-beat set containing some nice vocal harmony - and all performed with typical style! These guys are great.

Connor performed next on guitar and vocals. I keep saying this and it's no less true this time - Connor is just getting better and better. Excellent stuff matey!

Luke, Katie, Joe and Chris were next up and they did really well. This is one of those combinations of people that just seems to work even though it was only their first term together. A great couple of tunes including a Chilli Peppers number, some Blink 182 and some Arctic Monkeys stuff.

Jake and Ollie are a familiar paring to many at WSRP and they gave us the final acoustic performance of the evening. This was a great couple of tunes showing how naturally these two perform together - brilliant.

Our final act of the evening was 'The Kevin Holmes Experience'. Anyone who knows Kevin knows exactly what we mean by this. So Kevin, Mitchell, Tom, Ben and Dan gave us an immense classic rock set, and we even let them do an encore! Deep Purple, Dr Feelgood and Guns'n'Roses were all performed to a high standard as well as one of their own songs - and all done with great rock spirit! This band is sort of like a pure distillation of that classic rock sound. An excellent way to end the evening!

After that we packed up and wended our way home...

See you next term! It starts on January 12th 2008.