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Summer School Show: August 2007
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The Summer Show happened on Friday 17th August at Bishop Perowne High School Theatre and it was a cracking gig. We had 20 students in total on the Summer School (Seniors and Juniors) and together they made 9 separate acts.

To view all the photos of the concert in detail click here, but in the meantime here's a slideshow of photos from the concert:

The show kicked off with two brilliant performances by the Juniors. Frist of all Josh, Oscar, Jack & Dom performed 'Paradise City' by Guns'n'Roses. They did REALLY well and the audience loved them. Oscar & Josh sang their hearts out towards the end. Great stuff.

Next up were Adam, Gabriel, Alex & Ben who performed 'Come As You Are' by Nirvana. Another great performance here with great singing by Adam and some cool rock moves by the other guys.

One of our tutors, Jack, did the drumming for both the Junior bands.

Things slowed down a bit next when Jake & Nathan performed 'Naive' by The Kooks together. Jake started out at WSRP as a drummer but has become a fine singer and is getting better all the time on guitar. These two guys did brilliantly.

Chris, Ben (D), Ben (N) and Sam were on stage next to perform three numbers. They started their set with a great cover of 'Killing in the Name of' by Rage Against the Machine. They did two more tracks; Deep Purple's 'Smoke on the Water' and then 'Don't Believe A Word' by Thin Lizzy. A nice set and the audience really enjoyed it.

Jake & Katie took to the stage next with an acoustic performance of Corinne Bailey-Rae's 'Like A Star'. Katie sang brilliantly with Jake accompanying on guitar.

Katie & Jake stayed on stage for their band's set next so Jake moved onto drums and they were joined by Nathan on guitar and James on bass. They performed 'Plug-in Baby' by Muse which was very well received, a Feeder song and 'Monkey Wrench' by the Foo Fighters. This band were great! Katie did brilliantly as the four songs she performed covered a real range of vocal styles.

The second half began with a solo acoustic set by Connor who performed 'New Shoes' by Paolo Nutini, 'Put a Penny in the Slot' by Fionn Regan and 'First Day of My Life' by Bright Eyes. Connor has just been getting better and better with each show. Singing and playing at the same time isn't easy especially if the guitar part is finger-picking and Connor sailed through his numbers really well. Nice one.

Jake performed 'Married With Children' by Oasis with special guest Ollie (a WSRP regular) helping out on vocals. Another great performance...

The final act of the evening was Texas Chainsaw Musical (Paris, Simon, Luke and Connor) and they did four songs. They covered 'Wipeout' by the Surfaris, 'Black Knight' by Deep Purple, 'Feel Good Hit of the Summer' by Queens of the Stone Age number and 'For All the Cows' by the Foo Fighters. They were great! The set finished with the Deep Purple number which is about as classic a number as it's possible to get. Connor & Luke both sang and played. This was a great set and a brilliant way to end the show.

Finally I have to say a big thank you to all the students who attended for the week long Summer School. You worked really hard all week and your performances at the end proved that. So much done in so little time! I hope to see you all on September 22nd for the Autumn Term.