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Xmas Cracker 2006
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On Sunday 10th December the Xmas Cracker end of term show took place at Bishop Perowne High School in Worcester. The show lived up to it's name and was one of the best shows we've ever had. Partly this was because of a great new venue at Bishop Perowne school but mostly this was down to many brilliant performances by our students of all ages.

View a bunch of photos of the show here.

Please click on the links below to view photos (some of them are a bit blurred but 'atmospheric'...).

Here's the running order:

The Xmas Cracker Set-List:

First Half:

1: James (M), Kyle, Nick, Russ, Joe & Oscar.
2: James (S), Nat, Will, Ed, Dom & Joe.
3: Tom, Ant, Will, Ben, Ciaran, Oscar & Joe.
4: Ollie
5: Tracy, Andy, Mick, John & John.
6: Anna, Michael, Gary & Pete.
7: Kate & Tom.
8: Dan, Gaz & Hannah.
9: Connor, Nathan, David, Lee & Jez.
10: Anna & Sue.
11: Sully, Tom, Ryan, Shane, Lee.
12: Sully & Sue.

Second Half:

13: Billy, Sam, Dan & Jack
14: Adam & Tracy
15: Kate, Tom, Hannah & Sam
16: Ben & Ollie
17: Emily, Hannah, Josie, Hayley, Lee.
18: Connor.
19: Kevin & Mitchell
20: Ollie, Kevin, Ben, Mitchell, Jake
21: Jake & Ollie
22: Adam, Leonard, Nick, James & Georgio.
23: Ali, Alex, Jack & Jez.

The show was a great success and the audience thoroughly enjoyed all the performances. Well done to everyone who took part and thanks to the audience for your support!