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Summer School Show: August 2006
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On Friday 18th August 2006 our August Summer School Show took place in the underground theatre at Worcester Arts Workshop - and what a great show it was! Here's a piccy (click here for a couple more) of (L-R) Lee, Phil and Ali setting up the stage in preparation...

setting up at the Arts Workshop

This was only the second ever WSRP Summer School and, fittingly, we had just over twice the number of students as last year. During the week many new friendships were formed and lots of hard work took place learning songs ready for the show.

The show began with our amazing Junior WSRP band who decided to be called 'The Kevin Holmes Junior Experience'. Kevin just seems to be getting more and more famous lately... The band performed the Guns'n'Roses version of 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' and did a cracking job of it. The crowd loved it.

Next on stage were 'The Kevin Holmes Experience' featuring Kevin, Mitchell, Faith and Abi. They gave a solid performance of 'Livin' on A Prayer' by Bon Jovi followed by 'Sweet Child of Mine' by Guns'n'Roses. Kev played some great solos and Faith's debut performance on vocals was impressive! Mitchell was on guitars for a change and did a great job while Abi held things together on the drums.

Sometimes at WSRP bands can't think of a name so I (Brian) choose one for them - as a result this next band ended up being called Bidet but they didn't seem to mind. Rosie, Eddie and Chris worked really hard on Guns'n'Roses' 'Night-Train' which has a lot of different parts to it. Kevin (see above) guested on vocals and when it came to performing it they held it together in fine fashion. The staff were really impressed by how much this band learned during the week.

Next Shane and Jack performed 'Thunder in My Heart' by Kiss. This was Shane's debut at WSRP and he was fantastic on guitars and vocals while Jack did a typically great job on the drums. See a video of Shane doing his thing here. Billy and Jack performed 'Basket Case' by Green Day next. This was also Billy's debut at WSRP and he did a great job on guitar and vocals!

Billy and Shane were on again next but this time with Gaz on drums. This rock trio performed tracks by Motorhead and The Damned in fine fashion and really got the audience rocking.

The final band of the first half were called We Haven't Practised Anywhere Near Enough and It's All Ben's Fault and they performed 'Mr Crowley' by Ozzy Osbourne and 'Since You've Been Gone' by Rainbow. Ben, Tom and Jake all performed to a very high standard on 'Mr Crowley' - some really great playing here. Luke (our very heavy metal dude) was bribed into performing vocals on the Rainbow track and has now managed to work his way into the WSRP hall of fame for his legendary performance skills. Never before was this song ever sung the way he sang it. Luke you rock!

The second half of the show kicked off with a band called, inexplicably, Four Norms and a Mad who performed 'Dani California' by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Faith guested on vocals with Leonard, Nick and Georgio providing the music. This band did a fantastic job and were very tight indeed. We were all very impressed with this performance.

Next up was some seriously heavy Trivium covers by Detonation, made up of Alex, Alasdair and Jack. These guys are getting more and more technically proficient as time goes by. Some great harmony guitar playing going on here. This was very loud and the audience loved it! Great stuff guys.

A completely new band performed next. Connor, Rachel and Tom formed the band Don't Eat Roadkill who performed 'In Bloom' by Nirvana. Rachel was brilliant on drums, Tom rocked on bass and Connor was one of our revelations of the week with some fantastic singing and playing. An impressive debut from this band.

Two of our students helpers performed next with Luke on vocals and guitar. Lee, Rhys and Luke are our most exeperienced musicians and played a couple of great tracks. The first was a funky number they'd written themselves during the week which was really excellent. This was followed by a Children of Bodom cover which was one of the loudest things I've heard in ages! - it was very cool though with some serious shreddage from the guys. This was Rhys' final term with WSRP as he's going off to the ACM - good luck Rhys!

The show ended with Faith and Connor performing an acoustic number together. Connor was playing guitar and the two of them took turns singing lead and harmony. It was really great to have two completely new students finishing the evening in such impressive form. Thanks to Hannah and Jez for all their hard work here too.

All in all it was a great gig and the place was packed! The next show will be our 2006 Xmas Cracker at Bishop Perowne High School. Be there or generate four 90 degree angles!