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Summer Show 2006
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The show took place on Sunday 16th July at Christopher Whitehead High School. The evening kicked off with an excellent drum ensemble led by Lee. If any of the audience had been feeling a little drowsy from the heat this would surely have woken them up. For a couple of dodgy backstage photos click here.

The Juniors followed this wake-up call with two great performances. The 'Not So Tasty Hot Dogs' expertly performed Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes and Song Two by Blur.

After this came 'Jack of Diamonds' who belted out The Ace of Spades by Motorhead and then cruised through John Fogarty's Travellin' Band. Our Junior section just seem to get better each time!

'The Kevin Holmes Experience' were typically energetic and played really well. This ex-Junior band are fast becoming very good indeed! What a way to start the Senior part of the show. Anyone who knows Kevin knows why they're called that...

'Seven out of 10 Prats' made a good job of their debut performance. Rock-tastic stuff indeed Mr Rock! These guys show great promise.

Ollie from 'The Kevin Holmes Experience' then performed a great acoustic track called Flake. He performed this entirely on his own showing great confidence and skill with his singing and playing.

'W.M.D.' followed this with a performance of Chop Suey by System of a Down. Nathan and Josh performed this brilliantly with Lee helping out on drums. This heavy stuff was followed by a really good acoustic performance featuring Emily and Hannah with Adam on keyboard. Nice stuff!

Emily and Hannah were straight back on the stage after this with 'Just Another Girl Band' (plus Mitchell on drums). This band are becoming really good! Confusingly there are two Hannah's in this band and the bassist one was straight back on stage for the next band who are called...

'Proletariat'! Comrades, listen to the music of the masses! The irony of their punk music was not lost on the more politically astute members of audience. They performed really well.

Gaz (the drummer from 'Proletariat') was back on stage next helping out one of our longest serving bands 'Bypass'. They performed with their usual high confidence and ability despite not having their bassist or usual drummer. Kate and Adam performed Knockin' On Heaven's Door as an acoustic finale to the first half of the show - very nicely done.

The second half kicked off with two guitar ensembles and a bass ensemble.

We use the ensembles to encourage playing in harmony and concert and the quality of these performance showed that those lessons were not lost on our students. Rhys' group were great! A nice combination of harmony playing and virtuosity. Likewise John and co's group were great with some serious shreddage going there... People always appreciate the bass ensemble because it's relatively rare to hear the bass being played as a solo instrument, let alone to hear four playing in harmony with eachother. All of these performances were great.

'Bleedin' from the Eyes' followed this with Alex, Alasdair, Jack and Jez doing some real metal! They performed tracks by Trivium and Megadeth and also did some cool soloage.

There was a great contrast with this when Dan & Ollie followed with an excellent acoustic performance.

Next up was 'Crazy Tram' who performed Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne (a reworked version) and a track they wrote themselves. They did an excellent job and had real stage presence.

Dan Gillett performed a solo acoustic track after this which went down very well indeed.

'Rofl My Waffle' followed this and did a great job with their song. Well done to Spud who completed his first gig as a singer! - great job matey.

'£12 an hour' then performed a track they'd written themselves. This band included two of our helpers and our latest future helper Hannah (this is another Hannah - we have four at WSRP). This was a great track with some excellent musicianship on display.

Hannah and John from '£12 an hour' were straight back on stage after this to finish the show with their cover of Corinne Bailey Rae's track Put Your Records On. Hannah sang this beautifully and John played accompaniment to a high standard indeed. The crowd thought it was bril!

After this Brian made a presentation to Hannah of a solid silver plectrum / pendant. Hannah has been with Rock School / WSRP since it started in 1996/7 and this term was her last as a student. Thankfully she's agreed to come back and be one of our helpers next term. On that happy note, the show ended - what a blinder!