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Easter Bash 2006
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Jez & Luke


The show happened on Sunday 26th March and we were extremely pleased to be back at the Swan Theatre for our Easter Bash 2006. To see a few extra photos from this show (pre show) click here. The show began in excellent fashion with a drum ensemble led on this occasion by our drum helper Lee. This gave the audience a taste of things to come...

The two Junior bands performed very well indeed this term. The Relics opened up with 'Smile Like You Mean It' by The Killers (spot the palindrome) which went down very well. They were followed by Fluffy Pink is the new Black who covered Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and then 'Teenage Kicks' by The Undertones. The quality of their performances was fantastic and had a professionalism comparable to bands twice their age.

Fat Jack and the Whacky Shack were the first of the Senior bands to storm the stage and they did so with an excellent Caribbean style intro. All the members of this band are multi-talented and through the night they all demonstrated this. Great stuff! Helium swiftly followed with a Blink 182 number nailed with precision. Things calmed down a bit after this with two acoustic performances of the highest quality by Tom and Hannah. The audience loved this!

The rock returned with The Cavaliers who showed how good a three-piece they've become. Dan and Hannah shared vocal duties while playing guitar & bass. They were followed by Placidly Amid the Noise who covered My Chemical Romance and an excellent rock / blues number chosen by Jon (sorry I can't remember the name of that one!). A great performance by these guys. Emily and Mitch relaxed things again with a cover of Green Day's 'Time of Your Life' and we ended the second half with more acoustic material from Powervalve. Their cover of 'What You're Lookin' For' by Zakk Wylde was a real high point - excellent work.

The second half began with the Zombie Cheerleaders who tackled a couple of really nice numbers. It was great to see them pull together and make their performance work. This is a picture of them during sound-checks...

Zombie Cheerleaders

We had three vocal performances after this which the crowd loved. Dan & Ollie, Tom Young, then Kate and Adam all performed extremely well.

Then it was time for the instrumental ensembles. This kicked off with Rhys' (our guitar helper) group of guitarists who showed what fine guitarists they've all become. Then Dan and Luke's group of guitarists took their turn to do the same. The guitarists all had input into how these ensembles worked and they should take full credit for their hard work. The bassists under Jez's leadership took to the stage next with a history tour of famous basslines. A really nice idea that the crowd appreciated.

Then the earth shook and the sky tore open as Mouthful of Yellow Snow (I know, don't ask) literally stormed the stage. No-one quite knows which remote Temple or Rock Luke studied at (could it be this one?) but his moves defy explanation and cause strangers to spontaneously headbang. Lee's drumming was excellent as always and Ben and Daz played with huge energy too.

Killing Justice had a contrasting set with 'Anarchy in the UK' performed with Hannah guesting on vocals and then some hardcore metal covering Trivium and Slayer. These guys have got really good! Jack has energy levels higher than most mortals...

Bypass expertly covered the Chili Peppers and 'Song Two' by Blur. This six-piece band are just getting better and better. The audience really enjoyed their set.

Finishing off the show and bringing it to a genuine high-point were Regan (y'know - the girl from the Exorcist). These guys are an extremely tight three-piece and each have reached high levels of expertise in their instruments. Tom and Tom (bass and guitar) can both sing really well too! The crowd cheered a lot for the previous bands but they went mad when these guys finished the show. Fantastic stuff.

We enjoy holding the shows at the Swan Theatre and hope to do the same many more times in the future. The staff are really supportive and the facililties are excellent.

See you next term... It starts on April 29th...