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Age for Junior WSRP: 8 to 13yrs

Runs Saturdays 9:15am - 10:15am during term time.

Cost of each term is £62.50. For enrolment forms please click Join!

What a way to wake up on a Saturday! If you know of any young musicians with a penchant for rock then this is certainly the place to be. Singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers and keyboard players all join together to form monster bands! Expert tuition from the team extracts the best performances from our Junior Students. We generally work on developing 1 or 2 songs for inclusion in the show.

Please note that students at WSRP are expected to bring their own equipment. So bassists, guitarists, drummers and keyboard players need to remember to bring all their bits and pieces with them each Saturday. If Drummers dont have a kit, we provide a limited number of them. Drummers can bring their own breakables if they prefer, so snare cymbals and hi hats.

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