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Joining WSRP is easy. However a new enrolment form is being developed for Autumn 2013 due to the delayed start of term. So please get in touch via phone, text, email or send us details to the PO Box address.

Please note we have moved to Bishop Perowne C E College from the Autumn 2013.

The amount of weeks WSRP runs for will also change from term to term.


Junior WSRP £62.50 7weeks for 1hour with a tutor 8-13 yrs
Senior WSRP £125 7weeks for 2hours with a tutor 13-18+ yrs
Junior Summer School £85.00 5 days 2hrs each day with a tutor 8-13 yrs
Senior Summer School £85.00 5 days 2hrs each day with a tutor 13-18+ yrs

In addition we'd be very grateful if you could fill out the release form if the student concerned is under 18 years of age.

* Please note that the course fees do not include entry to the shows for parents, relatives or friends. Our end of term concerts are an additional expense for us and we would not be able to run them if we did not charge entry. Entry fees for our shows are normally under £10 for adults and at a lower price for under 16s and over 60's. Your support pays for equipment, wages, rent and all those other little things we need when we put on these shows. Thanks for your understanding.

Please be sure to send all forms to:

  Worcester School of Rock & Performance
  Unit 200
  79 Friar Street
  WR1 2NT
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