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Jez and his wife Cymone now manage and own WSRP. Jez runs things on Saturday mornings with Cymone regularly coming in. They have been running WSRP since the Summer Term 2009. Jez has been involved with WSRP since it began way back in 1997.

Jez has been involved in music from a early age, starting on piano at home and learning cornet, trumpet, trombone and bass guitar at school. He continued to study Bass guitar as his main instrument, has studied music theory to Grade 8 and eventually learnt the guitar.

Jez has been in many rock bands since joining one at school and forming one out of school. He attended Kidderminster College, N.E.W. College Bromsgrove, then to Dartington College of Arts in Devon to do a Music Degree.

He joined 2 bands in Devon and stayed there until 1995. He has gigged with bands in Devon, Worcestershire and the Midlands since the early 90's, always playing and writing original music. Some of the best bands he joined were Up Jumped the Jolly Swagman (thrash/ metal/ punk/ grunge) and Psalm 2000 (Grungy/ Funk/ Rock) in Devon. Then in Worcester with Arctic Sun (rock/ metal) , Epsilon Red (rock) and 'The Oohz'( eclectic blend of styles). Currently Bassist in Silver Kitsune whose first performance was at Malvern Rocks 2012. More recently he worked with Hitchhiker (started by Sean Jeffery of Epsilon Red) He recorded a track with them and played with them at West Fest 2013 in Malvern.

Jez has been teaching guitar and bass in Worcestershire schools since 1995.

During the WSRP terms and shows you will see Jez helping out on Bass, Guitar, Drums and even vocals if bands need specific help.

Jez loves being part of the WSRP team as he's been there since it started.

Now Jez is enjoying running it and is pleased that WSRP is the same as it always has been. Great fun for young bands.