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A term lasts for up to 10 Saturdays every school term and we usually hold our end of term show on the Sunday following the final session. WSRP happens at the following times:

Juniors (8-13) Sesson 1: 9:15am - 10:15am


Seniors (13-18)

Worcester Rock Society and

Never Too Old to Rock (40+)

Session 1: 10.15am - 12.15pm

Session 2 : 12.15-2.15pm tbc

WSRP takes place on Saturday mornings throughout the year for 3 terms and roughy 7-8 weeks per term. (Scroll down for more info)

Students aged 8 to adult who attend have the chance to perform at the end of each term and at other live music events and venues!

WSRP...... A School of rock where you can join a band or join with your band to learn performance skills, with group instrumental lessons, experienced tutors and practice rooms with a mini P.A.'s.

WSRP is for anyone who can Sing or play Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboards and other instruments. You will get to perform with your band at the end of each term with other performance opportunities during the year.

A fun and safe environment with structure, supervision and instruction for all bands and musicians.

You will meet people of a similar age with common music interests. Musicians aged 8-16 dont have it easy when trying to perform but at WSRP you are guaranteed a gig every term.

Bands who attended WSRP perform up to 3 times a year at our end of term shows and there may be other performance opportunities during the year! If students also attend the Summer School, normally in August, they will get to perform again.

5 bands and individual musicians attending wsrp, have recorded demos too! We would like all of our bands to write their own material, if possible.


WSRP bands have recorded original material, click the links below to have a listen

Click to hear "Sky Lanterns" By Chickin Lickin Pixies of Asia

Click to hear "That Girl" BY Zero 2 Hero


If you know someone aged 8 to 118 who is interested in developing as a rock musician then WSRP is definitely the place to be. We provide expert tuition from experienced musicians, a relaxed band practice atmosphere, performance opportunities and a great social life! The WSRP team have been doing this since 1997.

WSRP is a place where rock musicians of all ages can find the company of like-minded fellows, hone their musical craft, learn about team-work and make loads of noise!


Staff are rotated depending on which band needs specific help. So guitarists, bassists, vocalists or drummers will have technical help during their session.

Keep an eye on the website for our Summer School and other events..

All individuals enrolled on a WSRP course are expected to bring their own equipment - please click here for details. If you can't find the answer to your questions using the links on the left please just contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


A little history...

The history of WSRP stretches back to September 1997. Originally it was called Rock School and was run at Worcester College of Technology. The course evolved and grew through the hard work of it's tutors and eventually a new venue was needed. Over Summer of 2004 the team decided to set up alone and rename ourselves as Worcester School of Rock & Performance with Brian Hoggard running things.

More recently in 2009 Jez Cole and his wife Cymone Argent took over from Brian Hoggard and now own WSRP. We are now based at Bishop Perowne C E College, where we held our first ever concert in 1997. The basic principle of what WSRP does has never changed, to get talented young rockers to join bands and to perform on stage every term and at other events. No auditions required ever since we started in 1997 and young musicians of all abilities welcome.


For some earlier history please take a look at the website of Mick Jones, the original leader of the course. He has written an excellent potted history of us on a page there... Click here to read it.


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